Immigrate to Canada without Job Offer

Move to Canada without Employer

Some people who want to move to Canada will be able to do so without the need for a job offer from a Canadian employer. While there are numerous Canadian immigration programs available, the vast majority of them necessitate a job offer. The following programs do not require a job offer to qualify for permanent residence in Canada:

  1. Federal skilled worker
  2. Federal skilled trades
  3. Canadian experienced class
  4. Provincial nominee programs
  5. The family class
  6. Entrepreneur programs


The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is one of the finest immigration programs for obtaining permanent residency in Canada in 2022. It is one of three categories in Canada’s Express Entry System, which was implemented in January 2015 by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

Under Express Entry, the FSWP provides a pathway for abroad skilled workers to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).It is part of Canada’s economic immigration schemes. In 2022, skilled workers can apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

The Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker category evaluates applications based on six selection factors. Age, education, work experience, language competence, adaptability, and other variables are used to identify Federal Skilled Workers. To qualify for the Federal Skilled Workers category, applicants must score at least 67 points out of 100 based on the selection factors listed above.

  • Formal education
  • French skill
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment


One of the significant immigration path to enter Canada without job offer is through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program. People who want to immigrate to and settle in a certain Canadian province can apply for  Provincial Nominee Program. Each province works with the federal government of Canada or Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada (IRCC) to select permanent citizens for their province.

You can apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program by:

  1. Apply directly
  2. Apply through Empress Entry System


A qualifying family member can sponsor certain individuals for Canadian permanent residence. A work offer is not necessary for these types of petitions, and the person can immigrate to Canada based on their family connection.


There are various programs available for those seeking to open a business in Canada; depending on your age, education, work experience, net worth and business history. There are some county programs in place that will allow applicants to apply for Canadian permanent residence based on their business experience. Each program has its own requisite which can include the amount of personal net worth that you need, years of experience and runny funds available to invest to open a business in Canada. These type of programs does not require a job offer from a Canadian employer before you can be eligible, as you will be move into Canada to open your own business.

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